Brandable Domain Names vs Generic Domain Names


Brandable domain names are unique and catchy names that are specifically created to help establish a brand's identity and make it more memorable. Here are some tips to create a brandable domain name:

- Keep it short and simple - Try to keep the domain name short and simple so that it is easy to remember and type.

- Make it easy to spell and pronounce - Choose a domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce so that people can easily share it with others.

- Be creative - A unique and creative domain name can help your brand stand out from the competition.

- Use a keyword - Consider using a keyword related to your business or industry in your domain name to make it more relevant and memorable.

- Avoid hyphens and numbers - Hyphens and numbers can make a domain name harder to remember and can also be confusing to type.

- Check availability - Make sure to check the availability of your domain name before finalizing it to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Some examples of brandable domain names are:

Amazon.in , Google.co.in, Amex.co.in, SBI.co.in , Tata.in


Generic domain names are those that are based on commonly used words or phrases, rather than being a brand name or a made-up word. They can be descriptive and easy to remember, making them valuable for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence. Here are some examples of generic domain names: Home.in , Art.co.in, Cars.co.in, Hotel.in , Money.co.in , Furniture.co.in , RealEstate.in , ToyShop.co.in , MedicalStore.in 

The advantages of using a generic domain name include higher search engine rankings, improved online visibility, and the ability to establish a clear and memorable online identity. However, the downside is that generic domain names can be more expensive to acquire than brandable or less common names. Additionally, they may lack the uniqueness and memorability of a brandable name.

Another factor to consider is the Cost of Advertising over time - Brandable Domain Names will require Advertising to promote the Brand , Generic Domain Names in general are known to customers. Many businesses use both Brandables and Generic Domain Names to generate leads and traffic to their websites

KYC.co.in sold for $2200 US

Indian Company using Multiple Keyword Domain Names

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