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2024 Summary of .IN Domain Name Count / Search Advertising / CPC Market in India

- At 3.7 million .IN domains per NIXI Social Media Post in 2024, the extension will be among the Top 10 cctlds worldwide (country code domains). Domain name registration and aftermarket in India will continue to evolve and grow as demand picks up in the coming decade.

- Search Advertising Market is at $1.9 Billion in India, with a lot of potential to grow, will have to catch up to other countries. With increased investment in Online Business and eCommerce, this is one to watch in the next decade.

- CPC (cost per click) and Search Volume Data from Google Advertising shows that India CPC data are generally at 10% of CPC in US and UK . This has to improve and should be expected in the coming decade. Search Volume in India as expected is high for certain keywords and will continue to grow in other keywords as the market develops and usage evolves

Table 1 : Country CCTLD Count and Search Advertising Market Size

Table 2: Search Volume and CPC Data for Sample Keywords in US, India and UK

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Tyre / Tire Keyword Domains India - .IN /.CO.IN 

Why do Businesses invest in Category Keyword Domains or Generic Domains, well there is a correlation to Search Advertising , such as Google Adwords and others. Instead of buying Serch Advertising, you could also invest in Domain Names that bring traffic and leads. You pay for Clicks and / or you pay for Premium Domain names . Here is an example of the Tyre Category .

Camodo Ag (Germany) owns Tyre.in, .co.in , Tire.in,  .co.in  , Tireclub.com (Mexico) owns Tyres.co.in  and TyreMarket.com (Karnataka) owns Tyres.in  and TyreShopNearMe.in ,  Evergreen Traders (Kerala) owns TyreShop.in and Siremull Hirachands Tyre Store  (Tamilnadu) owns TyreStore.in  .  Tyre market in India (read) is around $9 billion and expected to grow to $20+ billion by 2030 . Just an example of a category.

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.IN /.CO.IN Keyword Usage in Tyre/Tire , Jewellery and Kitchen Categories

Every category or sub category are at different stages of .IN domain name usage. The interest among businesses to use Keywords related to their category is growing and there will be hundreds or thousands of word combinations being used. The demand for Premium 1 word or 2 word domains can be expected as competition for Customer Acquisition heats up. This is just a small sample of domain names being used, its not a comprehensive list by no means.

Source for this data is Public Whois information and Registration Data provided by NIXI (.IN Registry)

For more end user Keywords in various Categories, see curated list on Suresh.co.in/keywords.html

Tyre/Tire Category :

Since this category has 2 spellings, the singular and plural 1 word domains have been of interest to businesses

Camodo.com (Germany) owns Tire.in , Tire.co.in , Tyre.in and Tyre.co.in .

TireClub.com (Mexico) owns Tyres.co.in

TyreMarket.com (India) owns Tyres.in

Kitchen Category :

ITC Foods Division owns Cloud-Kitchen.in and Cloud-Kitchens.in

UFABS (Nevada US) owns CloudKitchen.in

Raja Industries (Punjab) owns CommercialKitchen.in

Thirumalai Industries (Tamilnadu) owns CommercialKitchen.co.in

Key 4 You (Haryana) owns ModularKitchens.in

SK Enterprises (Maharashtra) owns ModularKitchens.co.in

Jewellery / Gold / Diamonds Category :

Massy CVD Diamond (Gujarat) owns GoldJewellers.in

JBL Partners (New Jersey, US) owns DiamondJewellers.in , LabDiamonds.co.in , LabDiamond.in , RealDiamonds.in

Neologicx Resources (Rajasthan) own DiamondJewellers.co.in

Muthoot Gold (Kerala) owns GoldLoan.co.in

BS Puttaiya and Sons (Karnataka) owns Swarn.co.in (Gold)

Swarn Shree Gold and Diamonds (Andhra Pradesh) owns RoseDiamonds.co.in

Serverside Partners (Utah) own BestLabDiamond.in , BestLabDiamonds.in , LabDiamond.co.in

Taneja Enterprises (Delhi) owns LabDiamonds.in

Almas Jewels (Delhi) own GemGrading.in, GemGrading.co.in

Zaveri Brothers (Tamilnadu) own JewelleronWheels.in

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​How to Value .in Domain Names

Question to Chatgpt

how to value .in domains compared to .com domains

Valuing domain names involves considering various factors, and the process can be subjective. While ".in" and ".com" are both domain extensions, they may have different values based on several criteria. Here are some factors to consider when comparing the value of ".in" domains to ".com" domains:

  1. Extension Popularity:

    • ".com" is a globally recognized and widely used domain extension. It is often considered more valuable due to its global appeal and familiarity.
    • ".in" is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for India. Its value may be more regionally focused, appealing to businesses and individuals with a connection to India.
  2. Global Reach:

    • ".com" domains are generally perceived as having a broader international appeal. They are commonly used for global businesses.
    • ".in" domains may be more suitable for businesses targeting an Indian audience or those wanting to establish a local presence.
  3. Domain Length and Clarity:

    • Short, memorable, and clear domain names are generally more valuable. This applies to both ".in" and ".com" domains.
    • Consider the brevity, pronounceability, and relevance of the domain name.
  4. Industry Relevance:

    • The industry or niche of the website can impact the perceived value of a domain. A relevant domain extension may enhance the brand's credibility.
    • For global businesses, ".com" is often preferred. However, for local businesses in India, ".in" might be more suitable.
  5. Keyword Relevance:

    • Keywords in the domain can impact its value. A domain with relevant keywords may be more attractive to search engines and users.
    • Consider the keywords associated with your business or website.
  6. Brand Recognition:

    • ".com" is associated with established online presence and credibility. It may be more trusted by users.
    • ".in" can be valuable for businesses specifically targeting an Indian audience.
  7. Market Trends:

    • Domain values can be influenced by market trends and demand. Research recent domain sales and industry trends to assess market values.
  8. Availability and Demand:

    • The availability of a specific domain name and the demand for it can impact its value. Scarce and high-demand names may command a higher price.

It's important to note that domain valuation is not an exact science, and different individuals or organizations may have varying opinions on the value of a domain. Consulting with domain experts or using online domain appraisal tools can provide additional insights. Additionally, market dynamics and trends can change over time, affecting the perceived value of different domain extensions.

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.IN vs .CO.IN

.IN vs .CO.IN

Whis is more Valuable ?

Question to ChatGPT

The value of a domain name depends on various factors, and the extension (TLD - Top-Level Domain) is one of them. In general, ".in" and ".co.in" are both domain extensions associated with India, but they have some differences in terms of use and perception.

  • .in Domain:

    • ".in" is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for India.
    • It is commonly used for general purposes and is often preferred by businesses and individuals looking for a shorter and more direct domain.
  • .co.in Domain:

    • ".co.in" is also a country code top-level domain for India, but it is often associated with commercial or business entities.
    • Many businesses use ".co.in" to convey a sense of being a commercial entity.

In terms of value, both ".in" and ".co.in" can be valuable depending on the specific use case and the preferences of the registrant. Here are some considerations:

  1. Brand Image: If the domain aligns well with the brand and its purpose, it can be valuable. For example, if a business wants to emphasize its commercial nature, ".co.in" might be more suitable.

  2. Availability: The availability of a specific domain can affect its value. Short, memorable, and relevant domain names are generally considered more valuable.

  3. Target Audience: Consider the target audience and their perception. Some users may prefer the simplicity of ".in," while others may associate ".co.in" with business entities.

  4. SEO Considerations: Search engines generally do not prioritize one domain extension over another for SEO purposes. However, having relevant keywords in the domain can impact search engine rankings.

Ultimately, the value of a domain name is subjective and depends on the specific needs and goals of the owner. It's recommended to choose a domain extension that aligns with the purpose and identity of the website or business. If possible, consult with a domain name expert or conduct market research to assess the perceived value in your specific context.

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